Bringing the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ By Amanda Adamczyk

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For the 9th Christmas season in a row, the students in the Arrupe Division participated in the My Brother’s Keeper’s Adopt a Family Christmas Program. ForScreen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.50.21 PM the second year, the 14 Arrupe homerooms were joined by 35 High School co-curricular clubs, teams and departments. BCH sponsored 45 families this year (over 155 individuals).

My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) is a Christian non-profit organization in Easton, MA whose missions is “to bring the Love and Hope of Jesus Christ to those we serve.” During the months of January through November they provide food and furniture to those in need. Last year over 30 BCH students completed their volunteer requirement at MBK. Since 1990, during the month of December, the facility is turned into a Christmas workshop. Last year MBK delivered personally -selected gifts to 2,760 families- more than 10,500 children and parents living in 76 communities from the North Shore down to Fall River and Cape Cod. This year MBK will bring Christmas to 3000 families, over 11,000 children and parents!

There’s a saying, “you say you love the poor, name them”. This is what I love about the MBK Christmas program. Our students and faculty are not simply donating things that they would want to give or receive but they make wishes come true for the family they sponsor as they come to know that Leo, age 7 wants Star Wars legos and his brother Jaleel, 9, likes anything Minecraft or Harry Potter and that their mom, Rachel would love a new comforter. Another group comes to know that Briana, 10, does not want dolls, but would love arts and crafts and nail polish and her brother Jon, 5, likes Avengers and legos.

Not only do our students and faculty/staff purchase the wish list items but they wrap the gifts as well. On the afternoon of Tuesday December 15 a majority of the cafeteria was filled with the high school clubs, teams and departments who spent time wrapping, socializing and eating cookies. In one Arrupe Homeroom a teacher overheard the students talking as they wrapped: “Just put the tape on the package,” said one student, to which another student replied “Lisa deserves better than that; tape it carefully!”

Merry Christmas!

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